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Our features

Know Your Net Worth

Our platform will show you your net worth! calculating all your assets and liabilities, investments loans, and we do mean ALL of them.

Get an Up-To-Date Financial View

Securely connect all your accounts and see them up-to-date in one customizable dashboard. Cross border, cross products, and cross currencies.

Get an Updated real estate valuations

With one click you can keep track of your real estate assets valuations, get insights on financing and even manage your rents.

Track your Personal Investment Board

Get a variety of investment and financing opportunities tailored for you personally.

Manage your financial schedule

No need to remember! get reminders of future actions to be performed or alerts of actions that did not occur: our platform will manage your financial schedule automatically, based on your activity, your assets and even your special requests.

Your Security and privacy are our highest priority

Your privacy is important to us at least as it is to you. When it comes to protecting your personal information, we adhere to strict regulations and maintain uncompromising standards.

We use the highest security standards (TLS, PSD2, data encryption and more).

We perform penetration testing audits of our database on a regular basis.

Your information will never be passed on to a third party without your prior consent.

None of Moneytor's employees are able to reach your data.

Moneytor is supervised by the Israeli authorities.

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We make every effort to meet the most stringent standards. Among other things, we comply with strict protocols (SSL, TLS 1.2) for the security of your connection. Your information is stored encrypted in the cloud by Microsoft (Azure), which is considered one of the most secure in the world. Your data is stored in a registered database number 700067288.

In the event of a connection to banks and other entities, we are assisted by third-party suppliers who specialize in the subject and are not exposed to your credentials. Using third-party vendors that meet the most stringent world-class standards significantly increases the security of your data.

No, we’re not financial advisors and we do not believe in giving remote advices without getting to know you. Instead, we will give you the best understanding of your finances and all the insights that you need in order to make the best financial decision on your own. In addition, you can share you portfolio with your financial advisor to make the financial consulting process easier.

You can easily send an email to and we will delete your personal information.

The app was developed by Yuval Klein and Shai Badihi, who have been dealing with the worlds of investment and finance for nearly a decade. After investing in dozens of property types in real estate, the capital market and alternative investments and helping thousands make financial decisions, Yuval and Shai decided to build a tool that will help people keep track of financial diversity and make better financial decisions. Feel free to contact them directly on LinkedIn:
Yuval Klein           Shay Badihi

Analyze and present to you only. The information is not transferred to a third party without your approval, except for contacting authorized bodies after prior approval for the purpose of collecting the information for you.

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